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Welcome to Transition Garden!  We’re glad you are here.

Join us for ongoing posts and discussions on gardening, as we work our way through the coming growing season.  We are discussing and filming not just any form of gardening, but serious vegetable and food production from the point of view of transitioning.

We live in a fragile time that is undergoing significant transitions of all types.  We may dive into some of the details in later posts, but we all see the reports coming out of an regular basis of environmental degradation, resource depletion, weather extremes, increased geopolitical tensions, and increasingly nasty societal rhetoric.

In the middle of all this, we still have to eat.  We still have to get food on the dinner table.

We should not take that for granted.

A curious thing happened to western cultures over the past 3-6 decades.  We have moved away from an immediate relationship to our food supplies, and allowed the convenience and choice of just-in-time chain grocers to take its place.  Less ‘developed’ countries around the world still maintain closer ties, economically and culturally, to domestic and village food production.  You can see this first hand with the way that immigrants from these regions relate to food and food production, with greater respect for their food sources and less waste.  And, many times, an itch to keep their hands in the soil.

Transition Garden brings you the how-to videos on food production from the home-gardeners or micro-farm perspective.  We hope to inspire the knowledge, ability and capacity for you to produce a significant percentage of your food.  I’ve heard the saying that the best food system is when you know who grew your food.  When you grow your own, you have full confidence in its quality, freshness and nutrition.  Make your back yard your grocery store!

Help us grow this site, as you grow your garden.  Your membership, and any donations, will be used for valuable additions to our film library and other content.

Happy growing and let’s keep in touch.

Bob Cervelli


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