Transition Garden

We are the convergence of an obsessive community gardener, a veteran documentary filmmaker and many folks who really care about teaching gardening to others. The internet brings us a new way to do what we have always been doing – exploring and fostering community resiliency with a special attention on food.

In developing our informative content, we favour practicality over polish, and humour over defeatism. We intend to bring a ‘can do’ philosophy – fun and empowering at the same time - to the many ups and downs of gardening.  Every new season, every crop and every new situation is always a valuable learning opportunity.

Transition Garden is an information resource for our times

These are the times when people, neighbors and communities are relearning the important of food in their lives – where the food is grown, who grew it and under what conditions.

In a world of long-distance, low-flavor-low-nutrition big-grocer food with a high marketing budget and high carbon footprint, Transition Gardeners are saying ‘enough is enough.’

People are re-appreciating the cultural value long held by previous generations – that the best food of all comes from the ‘home grocery store’ - your garden - right outside your door, and not from the big box store down at the strip mall. Your garden offers the freshest, most nutritious and best tasting food available.

Transition Garden helps us to re-learn the life skills of growing your own

People are pulling together and helping each other to establish gardens in all types of settings – urban balconies, container and back yard gardens, neighborhood community gardens, micro and mini suburban farms and the resurgence of small farms in rural settings.  We are seeing a time of the resurgence of food resiliency and local food security.

With the regularly increasing price of commercial food, the increasing number of reports on its carbon food print, lower nutrition and higher levels of toxins, growing your own is a labour of love that reduces your food bill in a way that is also healthy.  Not only for the health of your body, but ‘garden therapy’ offers the benefits of a happier, calmer mind with a greater sense of self-assurance and confidence.  The rewards or gardening are many!

Transition Garden is dedicated to transition

We have produced our first 12 episodes and we are just getting started.  We will be adding more, including short ‘how-to’ videos on many subjects.  This website is your window to a gardening experience that let's you start where you are and lets you grow along with us.

We are here to help you learn.  With our dedicated media film team and a wide host of experts, it is our goal to deliver valuable, fun and informative videos and other content on all aspects of gardening and food production.

Tell us how we can be best at becoming your source for learning and networking.