Bob Cervelli is the main host, content writer and researcher for the Transition Garden series.  He has enjoyed gardening, and especially food production for decades, and currently manages the Transition Garden. Teaching others about growing your own food is an important focus of his time, having helped start a farmers market, an educational vegetable garden, a community garden and network of cooperative neighborhood greenhouses.  Bob holds a M.Sc. in botany, a B.Sc. in forestry and has been involved in horticulture and gardening for decades.

Jessi Fillmore is a gardening enthusiast with a passion for discovering what’s possible. After visiting the Transition Garden in 2013 and learning that it can provide the majority of food all year for several gardeners, she became passionately obsessed with learning to do the same.  Since then she has been gardening intensively and expanding her knowledge, number of garden beds and the varieties of edibles she grows yearly. She works closely with other community gardeners, sharing workload, resources, skill and knowledge. She has a particular flare for heirloom tomatoes, growing over 60+ varieties some years.  When not gardening, Jessi spends time living her other passions which include foraging, outdoor adventure, and dancing like nobody’s watching.


Shawna Henderson is a long-time gardener who’s long-term goal is to grow at least 70% of her household’s food and find a permanent way to keep the deer out (look for future updates…). Her life philosophy is simple: the one open-hearted way that we can all connect with each other and support each other is through food: growing it, sharing it, cooking it, eating it. Her passion for food security matches her love of being grubby, sweaty and in the dirt, where all good things happen. She’s been coordinator of the No Guilt Greenhouse Coop for several years, helping new gardeners learn the basics and connecting with experienced gardeners to learn new tricks. Also, there can never be enough basil!